X Power V4+I Series

Type: Top Discharge Individual

Refrigerant: R410A

Capacity Range (kW): 56 - 90

A Variable Refrigerant Flow Air conditioner, equipped with DC Scroll Inverter Compressors which make the system very efficient at part load.

V4 + I series is ideal for medium size commercial offices where the outdoor can be placed in a remote location as it offers a total actual piping length of up to 1000m.

A standalone unit is available up to a capacity of 32 HP (25 TR) with the ability to connect as many as 53 Indoor Units. The options include Hi wall, cassette, ducted units types which are available across a large range of capacities.

Multiple compressors in the outdoor units provide better efficiencies at part loads.


  • Wide Ambient operation range: -5 to 48OC (Cooling), -20 to 24OC (Heating)
  • Backup and alternative operation: Another module can back up in case one module fails in a system
  • Wide Capacity range: Standalone unit of upto 32 HP Capacity
  • Night Silent Mode Operation: Reduce Noise Level when required
  • High External Static Pressure at ODU: upto 40 Pa is available
  • Wide Range of Indoor Units: up to 53 Indoor Units in a single system
  • Large Piping Length: up to 1000m piping length is allowed in a single system
  • Multi oil balance technology Leads to enhanced system reliability
  • Auto Addressing

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