Versatech R22

Furred-In Split-System Air Conditioner With R22 Refrigerant

Capacity Range (kW): 7.0~15.8

Type: Ducted furred-in

Refrigerant: R22

Cooling capacity: 5.3~26.4 kW

  • Sleek Aesthetic units
  • Power saving from multiple compressors in most configurations
  • Dual sine wave fin pattern ensures high performance


  • Flexible air discharge options for indoor units
  • Powder coated units gives durability to the units
  • Outdoor unit design makes the compressor easily accessible for maintenance and servicing. Synthetic woven filters are easy to clean and provides highly effective filtration.
  • Quick lock fittings for easy and quick installation
  • Saves Space: Sleek, aesthetic indoor unit that matches to the beam. As a result, it fits unobtrusively above false ceiling. Ideal for architects, interior decorators and consultants.
  • Energy Efficient: High power saving because of unique two or three compressor configurations. which shut off separately. Its dual sine wave fin pattern gives high performance.

Physical Data

Indoor Unit (Cassette) Outdoor Unit (Air-cooled condenser) Capacity (kW) Weight (Kg)
42CX-006 51MSG-018RH 5.3 62
42CX-008 51MSG-024RH 7.0 72
42CX-006 2 x 51MSC-036DRB 10.6 110
42CX-008 2 x 51MSC-048DK 14.1 128
42CM0010DX 38LH060DK 17.6 218
42CM0010DX 3 x 38LH090TK 26.4 287

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