Ducted R410A

Ducted Scroll Split-System Air Conditioner With R410A Refrigerant

Capacity Range (kW): 10.6~59.8

Type: Ducted

Refrigerant: R410A

Cooling capacity: 10.6~59.8 kW


  • Auto restart
  • Mode cool / fan
  • Auto timer

Performance Features (all configurations)

  • Scroll compressors give high volumetric efficiency
  • Auto restart
  • Indoor fan speed control
  • Distributor and microprocessor based control

Reliability Features (all configurations)

  • Compressor On/ Off delay for compressor protection

Maintenance Features

  • Fault indication for low pressure, high-pressure sensor fail

Physical Data

Indoor Unit (Ducted) Outdoor Unit (Air-cooled condenser) Capacity (kW) Weight (Kg)
40LC004GA  51MSG-036GSB 10.6 127
40LC005GA 51MSC048GSB 14.1 144
40LC007GSA 38LH-066GSA 19.3 174
40LC010GA 38LH-102GSA 29.9 335
40LC004SDR 51MSD-036SDR 10.6 55
40LC005SDR 51MSD-048SDR 14.1 55
40LC006SDR 38LH066SDR 19.3 62
40LC010DR 38LH100SDR 29.9 91

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