It's a known fact that HVAC consumes 40-60% of the total electricity bill of a building. Hence it of utmost importance that you need to be sure that your HVAC installation – as a whole system – is working at the highest possible efficiencies and there are no weak spots. Inspite of a well-maintained system there will be components which need replacement or retrofit otherwise they could be causing major problems to your full system

"An HVAC audit is a component-by-component, system-by-system evaluation of all HVAC equipment. Whereas most maintenance activities focus on making things work, an HVAC audit focuses on making things work properly and efficiently."

1. To reduce energy consumption & ensure highest possible efficiency .

2. To maximize and protect the health and productivity of the building's occupants. A building is all about the occupants and their well-being and an HVAC audit will ensure the best possible air quality for your particular type of business.

3. To ensure that you plan your budgets for spends on the HVAC system.

4. HVAC system is part of the building and an audit will ensure that your building has a good value for onwards rental / sales etc.

5. To keep up with rapidly changing government guidelines.

6. To ensure reduced damage to the environment.

MHair has a team specialising in system audits. We start by collecting data – on paper as well as detailed readings of all equipment performance. We have all the possible equipment needed for the same for the Hydronic side / Air side / Electrical side as well as each & very equipment performance. This data is then analysed & interpreted to help us come up with our recommendations.

We present specific recommendations for action based on the results of the audit. These may include suggestions for equipment or component changeouts, upgrades or retrofits, and changes to the operating and maintenance schedules.

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