Inverter Nexgen Ducted

Nexgen Ducted Split-System Air Conditioner With Variable Capacity Compressor And R-410A Refrigerant

Capacity Range (kW): 18.4~29.9

Type: Ducted Nexgen

Refrigerant: R410A

Cooling capacity: 18.4 and 29.9 kW

  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Accumulator
  • Precise temperature control
  • Microprocessor control

Performance Features

  • Variable speed compressors provide optimum and precise performance
  • Improved payback and high energy savings against conventional ducted system
  • Low first cost and improved lifecycle cost against 1:1 VRF system
  • Highly suitable for retrofit applications, being easy-to-replace and having significant energy savings
  • Intelligent Air-Flow Management
  • Electronic Expansion valve for precise refrigerant flow management
  • Multiple inbuilt sensors for precise and comfortable atmosphere

Safety and Reliability Features

  • Inbuilt electrical safety in drive against phase loss, phase reversal, under & over voltage
  • All-round protection of the PCB
  • DCL Reactor for safety from surge current
  • Electromagnetic Interference Filter
  • Accumulator for enhanced reliability of compressor
  • Factory fitted service valves for easy service and repair

Other Important Features

  • BMS Connectivity
  • Reduced outdoor unit size for improved space utilization

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