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Carrier 2 Star Window AC

Window AC; 1.5 ton capacity

Energy Rating: 3 Star

1 year warranty on product; 5 years warranty on compressor

Features: Sleep mode, anti-bacterial filter and auto restart

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X Power Mini VRF

It is a Side Discharge VRF system which is a highly efficient solution for small residential and commercial buildings. It has a space saving design which ensures less footprint area. Maximum connectivity up to 15 Indoor units...

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Ducted R22

Cooling capacity: 10.6~59.8 kW

Some Performance Features

Auto restart

Indoor fan speed control

Distributor and microprocessor based control

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Cassette R22

Cooling capacity: 5.3~13.8 kW

Auto fan mode

Auto restart function

Auto sleep mode

Auto timer

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Self diagnosis and auto protection

Easy cleaning panel

Error code display

Independent humidification

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Klarwind 18S 18 S

Klarwind, as the name suggests, is designed to ensure Clear Wind around you. Discover the best in yourself every day with an air purifier that gives you absolutely clean air with utmost comfort.

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Capacity: CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Smoke of 3,000m3/h

Filter: HEPA H11 Filter

Ideal For: Upto 4,500 Sq. Ft

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X Power V4+I Series

A standalone unit is available up to a capacity of 32 HP (25 TR) with the ability to connect as many as 53 Indoor Units. The options include Hi wall, cassette, ducted units types which are available across a large range of capacities.

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Meho-HCP was established as Mehocorp in the year 1988 and then later merged with HCP Air Systems to form a Private Limited Company in Year 2002. Meho-HCP specializes in offering customized Solutions in the field of Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning ( HVAC ) for the Built Environment across all kinds of applications. Focusing very strongly on meeting the client's requirement by choosing the right solutions leading to energy efficient systems, good Indoor environmental quality and systems with low life cycle cost. In an air-conditioning system the initial capital cost would be just 10-15% of the total Life-cycle cost. Hence selection of the correct system is paramount and equally or more important is proper maintenance of the same. Meho-HCP prides itself on it's high quality of after-sales service backed by 300+ trained & experienced service team.

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